Episode 95: Jersey City September Gig Preview


Episode 95 previews a great upcoming month of gigs in Jersey City. Tune in as Tom gives you a run down of some of the best with songs from: The 65’s, The Extensions, Miss Ohio, Yawn Mower, Blue Vervain, Fiona Silver, Mr. Payday, stillhungry, Brewster, ManDancing, The Appleseed Cast, The Long Ryders, The Campfire Flies, Fond Farewells, Sister Sparrow, Danny Laj & The Looks, Low Doses, Jacques Le Coque and Boris!

See you out there in Jersey City the following GIGS:

September 6th: Pyrrhic Victory and Mint 400 Present at FM Bar

September 8th: Boris at White Eagle Hall

September 12th: Fiona Silver, Randy Haze Trio, Mr. Payday at FM Bar

September 13th: The Appleseed Cast at Monty Hall

September 13th: Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds

September 14th: The Campfire Flies at Fox & Crow

September 14th: A Tribute To Ryan Masterson at Monty Hall

September 15th: stillhungry, Brewster, mandancing at FM Bar

September 18th: The Long Ryders at Monty Hall

September 26th: Fond Farewells at Fox & Crow