Episode 92: Morus Alba


For Episode 92 of Look At My Records!, Tom welcomed back Morus Alba to the program. This time, the band played a raucous full band live set in the Look At My Records! studio, belting out some excellent songs from their latest album, Nightmare/Miracle. The band then sat down for an extensive interview that covered a wide range of topics, including the making of Nightmare/Miracle, their new (to me) bassist Micah Prussack, and their plans for the rest of the year. Plus, we played some great records. Tune in to find out which member of Guided By Voices taught Rizzo guitar while he was a youth!

You can purchase Nightmare/Miracle via the band’s Bandcamp. While you’re there, I’d also highly advise that you act quickly and snag a cassette of their debut record, “Stay Asleep,” as only a few copies remain! Their music is also available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify

A big thank you to Corey Zack of Cocoon Recording Studio for engineering the live set! It sounds awesome!