Episode 75: Mark Fisher


Episode 75 of Look At My Records! features a chat with fellow XTC fanatic, Mark Fisher! Mark is the founder of the original XTC fanzine “Limelight” and has authored two books on the band, “The XTC Bumper Book Of Fun,” and the forthcoming “What Do You Call That Noise? An XTC Discovery Book.” Tune in to hear all about Mark’s background covering the band, his foray into publishing two books, and details about “What Do You Can That Noise? An XTC Discovery Book,” which is scheduled for release on March 5th! We even swapped some of our favorite songs, and threw in Fassine’s wonderful cover of “That Wave” for good measure! Tune in to hear which songs we picked and much more!


You can purchase “What Do You Call That Noise? An XTC Discover Book” via Mark’s website, Limelight! While you’re there, you can also purchase Mark’s first book, “The XTC Bumper Book Of Fun,” which is an anthology of the Limelight zine and also features interviews with Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers, and Dave Gregory!