Episode 63: Glazer


Episode 63 of Look At My Records! is the third in a series of episodes previewing the upcoming North Jersey Indie Rock Festival.  The annual fest is now in its third year and is happening at White Eagle Hall on Saturday, October 6th!

For the third installment, I chatted with New Brunswick's Glazer! These shredders are about a year removed from the release of their awesome debut LP, "On A Prairie, Live In Dirt." How's it hold up? We all agreed, it holds up PRETTY DAMN WELL!!! Tune in to hear all about the band's formation, the recording of their debut album, and their label State Champion Records! Plus, some fun and exciting record selections, including songs by X, The Scientists, and Sebadoh!

In addition to the North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, you can see Glazer live at the following gigs:

October 12th, 2018 - Kal Marks, The Royal They, Glazer, Resounding No At In The West 7:30pm

November 3rd, 2018 - Glazer, Mover Shaker, Teenage Halloween, Old Joy at The Roadhouse 7pm

Do yourself a favor and pick up Glazer’s awesome LP, “On A Prairie, Live In Dirt” via State Champion Records!

Get your tickets to the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest now!