Happy new year, everyone! In formulating a playlist for the first episode of 2018, I realized that I acquired several excellent cassette releases from local artists in the last year.  So, I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite tracks from these great releases.  Featuring tracks from Patio, No Honeymoon, Holy Tunics, Parrot Dream, The Royal Arctic Institute, Sheen Marina, Journalism, Grim Streaker, and more!

Episode 35: Best Records of 2017 Featuring Zach Romano (Part Two)

Zach and Tom displaying their favorite records of 2017! Listen to the episode to uncover their #1s!

Zach and Tom displaying their favorite records of 2017! Listen to the episode to uncover their #1s!

In Episode 35, Tom and Zach discuss in vivid detail their top five records of 2017. Which bands/artists made the final cut?? There's only one way to find out - listen to this episode!

Thanks to all the wonderful artists who made 2017 an extremely memorable year for music!

Episode 34: Best Records of 2017 FEATURING Zach Romano (Part 1)

Tom and Zach enjoying Yo La Tengo this past August at Central Park!

Tom and Zach enjoying Yo La Tengo this past August at Central Park!

Remember Zach Romano from Episode 15? Well, it's almost 20 episodes later and he's back to share his favorite records of 2017.  That's not all, though! You'll also hear all about Tom's favorite records of 2017! Let me tell ya, 2017 was quite the year for music - with so many amazing releases, it was extremely difficulty to pick a top 10.

In Part 1, Tom and Zach will guide you through picks 10 through 6.  Stayed tuned for Part 2, which will drop later in the week!

Episode 33: Fassine


In Episode 33, Tom chats with Sarah, James, and Laurie of the London based trio, Fassine! The band is coming off an eventful 2017, as they recently appeared in the highly anticipated XTC documentary, "This Is Pop," and released a critically acclaimed new record entitled "Gourami."  Listen in to hear about their latest record, their plans for 2018 (they're in the process of writing a complete different sounding record), and four live tracks recorded at Battery Studios.  Like what you hear? You can get your hands on these live tracks FOR FREE by signing up for Fassine's mailing list at http://www.fassine.com.  Get that VIP treatment!

We also touched on a variety of XTC related topics, including Fassine's stellar contribution to the documentary, XTC's influence on the band's ethos and sound, and the band's legacy in the states and the U.K.  Although we spoke via Skype, an episode of Look At My Records would not be complete without some picks! So, each of us picked our personal favorite XTC song for you to enjoy.  I threw in a Colin Moulding jam for good measure.

Oh and great news - "This Is Pop" will be airing on Showtime Networks on Thursday January 11, 2018! It'll be available on demand immediately thereafter.  Mark your calendars!

Episode 32: Trying


Tom recently sat down with Cameron Carr of the Columbus, Ohio based  band, Trying.  Listen in to hear all about their origins in Ohio, touring experiences in rural Appalachia, and plans for their debut full length.  Plus Cameron's eclectic picks! Tom threw in some Ohio based picks at the end for good measure.

Now based in Brooklyn, Trying is making their NYC debut this Sunday December 10th at Pianos.  Don't miss them!

Episode 31: The Racer


In Episode 31, Tom sits down with Monroe, NY indie rockers, The Racer, to talk about their string of luscious new singles.  Listen in to hear two of their latest tracks, Apogee and Skeptic, plus lots of talk about their songwriting process, overall development as a group, and even a little bit of Linkin Park talk.

Plus their picks! Oh and my pick for feel good song of the century! If you know me well, you won't be shocked.

Episode 30: No Honeymoon


Episode 30 features a lovely and HILARIOUS conversation with the No Honeymoon.  This Brooklyn based foursome recently dropped a brand spanking new EP entitled "It's Whatever," which is available via digital download and limited edition cassette on their bandcamp.  IT'S SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES SO GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN!

Listen in to hear their picks, some throat singing, and several hearty laughs.  A big thank you to No Honeymoon for stopping by! You can check them out at St. Vitus and Bar Matchless in the super near future.   

Episode 29: Liv Lombardi


In Episode 29, Tom sits down with singer-songwriter Liv Lombardi as she celebrates the one month anniversary of her latest EP, Freedom Girl.  Tune in to hear the eclectic back stories to all five songs on this excellent release. Plus, lots of music talk and Liv's picks!! You can catch her this Friday at Tierny's in Montclair and at the Secret Loft on Thursday November 30th!

Episode 28: Parrot Dream


In Episode 28, Tom sits down with Brooklyn-based dream pop band Parrot Dream! Hear members Kiki, Gonzalo, and Matt chat about their beginnings in Chile, songwriting process, and influences for their upcoming 2018 releases! Also, listen to Parrot Dream's picks from Savages, The Breeders, Alvvays, Hoops, The Raincoats and more! You can catch them at the Footlight on Saturday November 11th!

Episode 27: Raybeats / Silos / The Three O'Clock / Raincoats / Ought / L.A. Witch / Las Rosas / The Rural Albert Advantage / Tall Juan / Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile


Episode 27 features some picks from one of Tom's recent crate digging excursions.  Yeah, that's right - the surfy instrumental goodness of the Raybeats, plus some Paisley Underground jams from The Three O'Clock, and New Jersey favorites, The Silos. 

Can you believe the Raincoats are in town? Ought also has two shows lined up, including in support of Waxahatchee at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City.  In Episode 27, you can also hear additional hardcore excellent jams from L.A. Witch, Las Rosas, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Tall Juan, and the dynamic duo of Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile.  Tickets are still available for their show at Loews Theater in Jersey City.  I'm bringing my entire family - that's how great the show is gonna be! Don't miss out!

Episode 26: Close Lobsters / Japandroids / Verdigrls/ Walter TV / POLIÇA / Alexander F / Tess Parks, Anton Newcombe / Shannon & The Clams / Parrot Dream / Fassine / The Gories


Episode 26 kicks off with an upbeat, jangly indie pop song of the Scottish persuasion from Close Lobsters.  Plus our buddies from the great white north, Japandroids, are back in town with Cloud Nothings.   Tom also serves up an XTC cover from the wonderful Fassine and some Shannon & The Clams to hold you over until they take over Monty Hall on Sunday October 29th! Tom rounds out the set with tracks from Parrot Dream, the Gories, and more.  Listen up!

Episode 24: Morus Alba


In Episode 24, Tom sits down with the dudes from Morus Alba.  Their conversation encompassed a wide range of topics - including the group's origin story at Bard College in Annadale-on-Hudson, NY, their most recent cassette release "Stay Asleep," and the band's ever-evolving sound.  Plus, their picks from my collection, including a 5 minute highlight reel of the Mets 1986 season! I'm not making that up. Marcel Rudin picked that one - and trust me, I honor all selections on this program! In addition to this fun recap of the Mets championship season over 30 years ago, this episode features songs from Patti Smith, Michael Jackson, John Coltrane, Nas, and the pride of the Elephant Six Collective, The Olivia Tremor Control!

Oh yeah, and a few tracks from Proper Ornaments, Kyle Forester, and Turnip King sprinkled in for good measure.  You can see those hot acts this weekend!  

Episode 23: Mitski / Soccer Mommy / Lina Tullgren / Wire / Charly Bliss / Milk Dick / Delicate Steve PLUS Bonus footage with LKFFCT and Beijing superstars, GONG GONG GONG


Episode 23 previews a great week of shows - featuring the Wire residency at Baby's All Right, Mitski and Soccer Mommy in Jersey City, and the Rubblebucket Dream Picnic at Knockdown Center.  Plus bonus footage from my interview with LKFFCT with some awesome picks from my collection, including Minutemen, Priests, and Husker Du!  Don't forget, their new album drops on October 9th.

Tom closes out the show with an excellent track from Beijing's GONG GONG GONG, who are playing three upcoming shows in the NYC area.

Episode 22: North Jersey Indie Rock Festival Preview Featuring Interviews with Professor Caveman and LKFFCT!


In Episode 22, Tom previews the second annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival, which is happening on Saturday September 23rd from 11AM to 9PM at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City.  The festival boasts 24 fantastic bands representing five New Jersey based labels for the BARGAIN PRICE OF ONLY 10 DOLLARS!  Given the amount of awesomeness spread across this lineup, it's certainly a can't miss!

Tom chatted with two of his favorite bands slated to play the festival, Professor Caveman and LKFFCT. Both groups have brand new releases coming out SUPER SOON on Sniffling Indie Kids. Listen in to hear "Lemon Water" and "Vaseline" off of Professor Caveman's Volume 3, which has a planned physical release in late 2017.  Plus, LKFFCT shares "Hatchling" and "Anesthesia" off of their latest full length, "Dawn Chorus."  "Dawn Chorus" is dropping on October 9th, but you can hear it here first!  

That's not all, though! Tom has plenty of lit AF tracks from bands playing the festival, including Spowder, Dentist, The Rock n' Roll Hi-Fives, Shred Flinstone, AND MORE!

You can see all of these great acts and more this Saturday September 23rd at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City! Hope to see you there!

Episode 21: Alvvays / Antietam / Teen Daze / Parrot Dream / Lomelda / Varsity / Cherubim / Protomartyr / Steve Gunn / Fred Thomas / Yucky Duster / The Girls


Episode 21 starts off with a bang! That's right, the brand new album from Toronto natives Alvvays just dropped and Tom cannot stop spinning that wax! Catch them live at Brooklyn Steel on October 5th.  

Then Tom plays some new tracks from Antietam, Teen Daze, Varsity, and Protomartyr.  Plus jams from local favorites Yucky Duster, Cherubim, and Steve Gunn.  As always, all of these highly talented artists are conveniently playing LIVE within the NYC area.  Get out there and dance your butt off to their tunes this weekend!

Tom rounds out the program with a special track "Jeffrey, I Hear You."  This song is dedicated to my friend and law school classmate, Jeff Eloy, who passed away on September 17, 2013.  Jeff loved music and is missed by many!

Episode 20: Emmy Black of Rhyme and Reason Records

In Episode 20, Tom sits down with Emmy Black, President and Founder of New Jersey based record label Rhyme and Reason Records. Listen as they talk about new releases from Rhyme and Reason artists, Sweet Crude, Pronoun, and of course, Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help!  Plus lots of chatter about Emmy's background at Bar None Records, the Rhyme and Reason origin story, and of course, plenty of picks from Tom's collection.  Spoiler alert: their picks are very Bar None/Hoboken heavy.  Thanks to Emmy for stopping by and gifting me an amazing Bar None Records pin and R&R tote bag.  LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!

Episode 19: Pale Lights / Petite League / Navy Gangs / Acid Dad / Holy Tunics / Twerps / Lionlimb / Guided By Voices / New Myths / Robyn Hitchcock

Episode 19 previews a fun weekend of shows, including the triumpant return of Twerps and Robyn Hitchcock.  These two dudes with similar accents will be gracing the stage of Baby's All Right to fill your Labor Day Weekend with jangly bliss.  Plus new tunes from Petite League, Guided By Voices, and Navy Gangs! Check them all out at your local venue.

Oh, and I take an impromptu stab at writing my own Guided By Voices song.  It's not as easy as Bob Pollard makes it look.  

Episode 18: Ratboys / Wild Pink / Calendar Year / Rips / Wyldlife / The Nude Party / BOYTOY / Hiccup / Surf Curse / Adult Mom / Flamin' Groovies / The Sonics

On Episode 18, Tom preps you for a weekend of AMAZING shows with some NECESSARY LISTENING.  We've got everything from garage rock legends The Sonics to Chicago duo, Ratboys - with a little Wylflife, Boytoy, Adult Mom, and more sprinkled right in the middle.  The best part of all IS ALL OF THESE AWESOME ACTS are playing in NYC in the coming HOURS.  So, if you like what you hear, get out there and see them in the FLESH!

Episode 17: Frankie Rose / Robyn Hitchcock / Bethlehem Steel / John Maus / B Boys / Patio / Lina Tullgren / Gun Outfit / NRBQ / Ringo Deathstarr / Dead Kennedys

Episode 17 features new songs from Frankie Rose, Robyn Hitchcock, and B Boys! Robyn Hitchcock and Frankie Rose embark on nationwide tours starting in September, so catch them in your town this fall!  

Plus great tunes from tons of bands playing at all your favorite spots from Jersey City to Bushwick, including Bethlehem Steel, John Maus, Patio, Lina Tullgren, Gun Outfit, and NRBQ!

Ringo Deathstarr and the Dead Kennedys round out this episode with two musical public service announcements. This podcast hates fascists and would like to remind you to avoid direct eye contact with the sun during the lunar eclipse next week!